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Our's is just an ordinary wish -
It's even commonplace.
But recollect it bears the stamp
of friendship on it's face.

Here is Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas
Naiade and Steve

A Few Special Holiday Wishes 

From Us to You

Click Here to open a pop-up player so that you can listen to carols as you browse our site.

Merry Christmas from

Steve, Naiade, Reno,Mark and Renee!

Oh, and I almost forgot Holly and Mika!


It has been a pretty busy Fall for Naiade and I. So, I am really behind schedule getting this holiday site updated. I plan to add new content soon. I wanted get what I had uploaded and running by Thanksgiving.  I am running about a week behind schedule. As I add content, I will note it in the list below.

Yes, I know. The Rockefeller Center link does not go to the tree. I hope to have it fixed by the time of the tree lighting on November 30.

What's New This Year:

1.    Adjusted for date changes from last year. (Countdown clocks, Advent Calendar and Wreath)

2.   The pop-up player linked above no longer requires Flash.

3.   Added "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" to the JibJab videos on this page.

4.   Added the 2015 and 2016 Christmas Videos to the "Christmas Past Movies" player. I also rearrange the movies in the playlist to be the listed from newest to oldest video.

5.   Added above the YouTube video of a fireplace with Christmas music.

6.   Added "Santa Baby" to the JibJab videos on this page.



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--     Microsoft Edge

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--      Default browser for the Andriod OS

The site worked as indented on all tested browsers.